• Spray Tanning Liability Waiver

    • DHA is listed in the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) as a colour additive for use in imparting colour to the human body. However its use in cosmetics - including sunless “tanning” products - is restricted to external application. According to CFR, “externally applied” cosmetics are those “applied only to external parts of the body and not to the lips or any body surface covered by mucous membrane.” (21 CFR 70.3v).
    • DHA reacts with the skin’s amino acids resulting in a “tan” similar to that of the sun. The darker you can tan naturally, the darker you can tan with a spray tan. Like most cosmetics, avoid exposure to the eyes, lips, and other parts of the body covered with a mucous membrane. This should be accomplished by following the staff’s breathing instructions as to avoid inhaling or ingesting the sunless product and by applying the barrier cream.
    • Be advised there may be a small percentage of individuals whose skin does not react favorably to spray tanning. Some medications such as birth control pills, hormone replacement medications, or antibiotics may alter your spray tan. Please consult with your technician if you have any questions.
    • All the ingredients in the product used in this procedure are intended for cosmetic use and generally regarded as safe. There are, however, occasions where individuals may be allergic to one or more ingredients in the spray tan solution. If this occurs, shower and discontinue use. If severe reaction, contact a physician. You may ask to see the ingredients prior to application.
    • It is your responsibility to inform the tanning technician of any allergies, relevant medical history, or prior adverse reactions to self tanning products and moisturizers.
    • WARNING: This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn.
  • Policies

    +Please be advised we will not spray tan a recent burn within 15 days. This causes your skin to peel more and can be painful. +We do not recommend being sprayed for photographic sessions, modeling assignments, weddings or special documented events unless you have had a trial spray tan.
  • Cancellation Policy

    We are happy to cancel or reschedule your appointment with 3 hours notice at no charge. After 3 hours we require 50% of the price of the tan. A no-show will require full payment of the appointment and result in prepayment for all future appointments. We are happy to work with all of our clients so please call if you will have trouble making your appointment for any reason. Please note that cancellations can only be done via text, the Vagaro booking system or by speaking to your technician. We DO NOT accept cancellations by email.
  • Payment Policy

    We have a no refund policy on spray tan services completed. We must be notified within 48 hours of any problems or concerns. We offer complimentary fixes within 48 hours of the spray tan completion pending management approval and availability. If you're unavailable for a spray tan fix within the first 48 hours, we must be notified of your concerns within that first 48 hours.
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