A Guide For The Bride

Schedule your trial! This is the key to having a great tan for your wedding. Just like you schedule your spray tan for the wedding day 2 days prior to your big day, do the same with your makeup trial. Most importantly, this will help your makeup artist know what foundation color to use for your wedding. (We have had many people get a tan for their wedding without a trial with no problem, but why stress it?)

Test is out with white! Some people may love their tan really dark for everyday but for wedding photos a nice, natural tan will look best in photos. After you do your trial tan, try on your wedding dress (or any white dress) 2 days later. How’s the color? Too dark? Too light? White clothes will always make you look more tan.

Schedule your tan! Your spray tan should be the last beauty treatment on your appointment list. This is because your other services could alter your spray if done after. For best results, schedule your beauty services in the order of the example below (Saturday Wedding):

  1. Hair Coloring – 1-3 weeks prior
  2. Skin Care Treatments – 1-3 weeks prior
  3. Waxing – 1 week – Tuesday prior
  4. Nails – 1 week – Thursday prior to tan
  5. Spray Tan – Thursday

Bring the party! Suggest your bridesmaids get a tan as well! Because everyone feels better with a little glow. Ask us about our private bridal events for you and your friends. We offer in-studio or mobile events.

Schedule your trial here.

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See you soon!